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May 06

Every decision has a cost

David joins Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone

May 04

America re-opening is only half the battle

By David Nelson, CFA Markets took a pause last week while at the same time completing one the biggest single month gains in a generation. It would be nice to believe the challenges ahead are few and that 2020 is just a cyclical downturn easily followed by the next leg of a bull market. Unfortunately, […]

April 30

Stocks take off – Economy tanks

David joins the Yahoo panel to discuss the latest on the economy.

April 27

46 Days

By David Nelson, CFA CMT In the early days of the pandemic equity markets reacted to a combination of data, news driven events and of course human emotion. Plummeting at a pace not seen in recent history it took just 23 trading days for stocks to fall from peak to trough. This historic downturn dwarfs the […]

April 23

It’s worse than that

David joins the Newsmax panel to discuss the latest on markets and the economy.

April 23

Oil – We’ve been attacked

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne to discuss the latest on oil markets. “This is the tail end of a near nuclear attack on the U.S. energy complex by a supposed ally Saudi Arabia.”

April 20

Two Markets

By David Nelson, CFA Two months into the pandemic and its aftermath, U.S. markets have split in two. On one side we have the designated survivors: cash rich, high quality or essential service companies and on the other side, everything else. Behind the chaotic near historic price moves of the last several weeks stocks were […]

April 16

Live from the Bunker – The Conversation Shifts

David talks to Bloomberg anchor Jon Ehrlichman about the latest news on the war against COVID-19

April 14

Re-opening the economy

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne to discuss how the conversation has shifted to re-opening the economy

April 12

COVID-19 – Let stock buybacks die

By David Nelson, CFA COVID-19 has done more than bring the world economy to its knees. It’s forcing decisions about life and death beyond that of our neighbors and loved ones. The actions of government and now the Federal Reserve includes a rescue package $Trillions in scope whose current goal is to return the status […]