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August 26

The Emerging Market Lie

David joins Yahoo Finance anchor Alexis Christoforous to weigh in on emerging markets and the administration’s cyber security push. Click Here for video

August 09

9 Months Later

By David Nelson, CFA CMT For 9 months the S&P 500 has steadily pushed higher in a relatively tight channel masking the true volatility. Investors spent much of that time rushing from one secular trade to the next trying to decide if the glass was half full or half empty. Of course, 9 months almost to […]

July 28

China – It’s worse than you think

David joins Bloomberg’s Jon Ehrlichman to weigh in on the recent weakness in Chinese shares.

September 06

NY Times Op-Ed & Emerging Markets try to derail the market

An anonymous op-ed from the New York Times hit at the same time emerging markets faced increased pressure from falling currencies. At least for a day markets yawned.

October 19

The world is flat…

By David Nelson, CFA After nearly 10 months of investor mood swings often bordering on the psychotic, U.S. equity markets have been working their way back to the flat line. It was just a few weeks ago it looked like the correction would morph into a bear market or perhaps something even more sinister. It wasn’t just stocks that […]

September 23

S&P 500 – The Only Game In Town

By David Nelson, CFA Yesterday’s selloff really started the night before with comments from China’s Finance minister saying that despite weakening economic indicators there would be no policy changes. In other words China was willing to live with less growth. At least for yesterday investors here weren’t willing and we saw selling across the board […]

April 01

Climbing the Wall of Worry – Alpha Select Update for March 2014

By David Nelson, CFA Investors certainly climbed the Wall of Worry this month shrugging off a Russian invasion, China’s Debt Bubble and a Fed Head who stumbled in her debut performance before the press. Despite these concerns markets sit just shy of all-time highs. My post over the weekend, The Worm Has Turned talked about the […]

March 20

Good News – Rates Going Higher!

By David Nelson, CFA Let me go right to the heart of it. If you’re invested in equities because you believe the Fed isn’t going to raise rates until 2016, then you should dump stocks right now. The normalization of interest rates has never been a question of IF but WHEN. In less than 24 […]

February 18


By David Nelson, CFA After taking a standing 8 count in January, U.S markets have battled back close to break-even for the year. Europe is in the green and some countries like Egypt have had explosive moves higher. If you asked professional investors at the start of the year which part of the world would […]

February 06

The Siren Song of Emerging Markets (EEM)

By David Nelson, CFA The emerging markets have always been the beta trade. U.S. markets go up and Emerging Markets rise even more. The inverse was also true but we knew that going in. These were developing markets that would sometimes falter. Inflation, policy mistakes, revolutions, dictators you name it were all risks investors were […]