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April 10

Market Assassins

By David Nelson, CFA Investor concern has been rising and reflected in the sideways price action over the last several weeks. We’ve rounded up the usual suspects including valuation, politics, military action and the Fed as potential assassins to a bull market now entering its 9th year. Before we break out the cyanide capsules it’s […]

September 24

We’re All in the Same Lifeboat – CNBC Interview

David joins CNBC hosts Kelly Evans & Bill Griffeth along with good friend Larry McDonald of Newedge to discuss the current market action from the floor of the NYSE.

September 23

S&P 500 – The Only Game In Town

By David Nelson, CFA Yesterday’s selloff really started the night before with comments from China’s Finance minister saying that despite weakening economic indicators there would be no policy changes. In other words China was willing to live with less growth. At least for yesterday investors here weren’t willing and we saw selling across the board […]