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May 30

European Debt Crisis – You can’t have a common currency without a common gov’t

David joins Fox Business anchor Trish Reagan to discuss a widening European Debt Crisis.

April 21

FREXIT? – FBN:AM Interview

Short excerpt from David’s Fox Business interview discussing the upcoming French Election and the potential for a FREXIT.

March 02

U.S. Market at Record Highs But Trouble is Brewing in Europe

By David Nelson, CFA Right out of the gate stocks marched higher this month picking up where January left off. The broadcast and print media both point to the animal spirits unleashed following the election and to be fair some of the rhetoric is true. However, when you dig deep that’s not the entire story. […]

January 26

It’s not all about Trump

David joins the BNN news team from the Nasdaq in Times Square to discuss Trump, the rally and the future of the Euro.

January 17

U.S. Investors Need to Watch Europe

By David Nelson, CFA We’re coming into the heart of earnings season so now we get down to the blocking and tackling of market behavior. 10% of the S&P 500 (SPY) reports this week but the bulk comes in the last 2 weeks of the month. The 3 Musketeers of Banking JP Morgan (JPM) Wells […]

October 24

The U.S. Dollar – Public Enemy #1

By David Nelson, CFA A myriad of factors seem to be colliding forcing some of the world’s top strategists to the sidelines. The approaching election, a confused Fed and stretched valuations weigh on sentiment as the markets here continue to churn forcing investors to bounce from one sector to the next searching for the Holy […]

June 20

Brexit & the Black Swan

By David Nelson, CFA The biggest concern surrounding Brexit and the threat of Britain leaving the EU is that it’s an unknown forcing investors to prepare for the worst. Some put on hedges and others raise cash or delay purchases waiting for the skies to clear. Since the end of the financial crisis investors have been […]

July 06

The Euro Will Fail – CCTV

David sits down with CCTV’s Michelle Makori to discuss the crisis in Greece, China’s Market Crash and the fall in oil