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October 06

There are casualties in war


February 24

There’s a lot of good news priced into the market

David tells Bloomberg host Jon Ehrlichman “there’s a lot of good news priced into this market”

February 24

Europe and China Weigh on U.S. Markets

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss the latest on trade negotiations.

January 24

Europe’s Rolling Revolution

David joins i24News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in global macro issues affecting the markets  

March 02

Trouble in Europe – CNBC

David joins the CNBC Power Lunch team to discuss the rising economic threat in Europe and weigh in on administration economic policy initiatives.

February 23

Now is a great time to talk about risk

Best time to talk about risk is when markets are pushing to highs. David talks to BNN anchor Frances Horodelski about tactical trading and world markets.

February 03

3 Blocks to the Wall of Worry – Yahoo TV

  David sits down with Yahoo Finance TV anchor Jeff Macke to discuss the markets current “Wall of Worry.”      

October 02

Line in the Sand for the S&P 500

By David Nelson, CFA Obviously yesterday was an uncomfortable one for the bulls. Whenever we get sell offs like this we all become chart gazers looking for levels of support. Where can we draw that line in the sand? For more than a year the 120 day has been a pretty good place to start. […]

March 03

Russian Invasion – 4 Questions Investors Are Asking

By David Nelson, CFA I said earlier this year during a CNBC interview “one of the things that keeps me up at night are the events I can’t quantify. Among those are military conflict and political unrest.” Well, we certainly got that as we headed into the close Friday with reports coming out of the […]

February 18


By David Nelson, CFA After taking a standing 8 count in January, U.S markets have battled back close to break-even for the year. Europe is in the green and some countries like Egypt have had explosive moves higher. If you asked professional investors at the start of the year which part of the world would […]