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December 21

Facebook vs the New York Times

David and the panel discuss the Facebook’s decision to not fact check political ads.

September 29

CEOs under fire

David Joins CNBC anchors Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera hosting for NBR  

July 19

Facebook’s Libra faces uphill battle on the hill

Facebook has lost the trust of Congress and faces an uphill battle to launch their crypto currency Libra

April 29

Let’s be careful out there!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Despite all the noise about using their new found wealth to expand CAPEX Goldman data points to stock buybacks increasing¬†by 13% to just shy of $1Trillion for 2019. Politics aside CEOs continue to take the easy way out. Readers know my position on buybacks as being overused and often a […]

April 25

Tech & Earnings – Interview with Maria Bartiromo

David joins Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss Apple, Facebook and the impact Washington will have on Technology.

April 11

Zuckerberg Testifies on the Hill

David joins the panel just as Mark Zuckerberg starts his testimony in front of the Senate Commerce Committee

April 06

China Trade War – More Shots Fired

David was on set when the news broke that the administration had suggested trade representatives explore another $100 Billion in tariffs against China

April 01

March Madness

By David Nelson, CFA March Madness went well beyond the basketball court this season, hitting equity markets forcing some investors to the side lines. The roller coaster ride on and off the courts kept investors on edge wondering if the market would fold like the #1 seed Virginia. ¬†For the moment, it looks like a […]

March 28

Zuckerberg doesn’t want to look like Michael Corleone

David weighs in on Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to not appear in front of Parliament

March 26

Facebook Fallout!

David gets asked the question. “What is the biggest risk for the market?”