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September 04

Where are you hiding?

David sits down with CNBC host Kelly Evans to discuss the market’s recent sell off. He also weighs in on Facebook and a controversial name American Eagle Outfitters.

April 12

The Nasdaq Sell-Off – How it Started

David is interviewed by Al Jazeera America host Stephanie Sy about the Nasdaq Selloff and how it started.

March 26

Facebook’s Spending Spree on Oculus VR & WhatsApp Finds Reality Bites

Click on Picture to Play Video I talk with the Street’s Debra Borchardt about Facebook’s latest acquisition. Mark Zuckerberg is telling you his stock is too expensive.

March 25

The Magnificent Seven of Old Tech

By David Nelson, CFA In the last few days we’ve seen a massive rotation from the market’s biggest winners to what investors refer to as Old Tech. For those of you not in the markets long enough to remember the Magnificent Seven, there was a time when (AAPL), (INTC), (MSFT), (IBM), (ORCL), (CSCO), & (EMC) […]

March 24

David Nelson – This is a Gut Check for Growth Investors

David says growth investors need a Gut Check on some of the more expensive stocks they own.

March 13

Avoid the S&P Big 20!

David talks to CNBC hosts Brian & Mandy about today’s selloff. Then David & Brian duke it out over indexing vs. active management.

February 26

Is the Market Getting Ahead of Itself? –

David talks to CNBC host Bill Griffeth about froth in names like Facebook (FB), Tesla (TSLA) and others. Battle is raging between buyers and sellers.

February 24

Facebook (FB) – Party Like It’s 1999

David talks about Facebook’s (FB) $19 Billion acquisition of WhatsApp with Fox Business host Gerri Willis on The Willis Report

February 23

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has “Jumped the Shark”

David tells CNBC’s Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth the Mark Zuckerberg has “Jumped the Shark” with his recent acquisition of WhatsApp for a staggering $19 Billion.

February 20

Facebook (FB) – The Greater Fool?

By David Nelson, CFA It’s going to be pretty hard to come up with any metric that could justify Facebook’s (FB) acquisition of messaging start up WhatsApp at a cost of $16 Billion. The outlay consists of $4 Billion in cash, 184 million (FB) shares with a value of approximately $12 Billion. Additionally there is […]