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February 24

Why CEOs make over 300 times more than workers

By David Nelson, CFA Income inequality will be a central theme for Democrat and Republican candidates as we head into the election cycle. Both sides of the aisle know what’s at stake and the importance of positioning their policies as a cure for what some call a cancer sweeping the nation. Last week, the President […]

February 26

Shareholders – Stand Up And Be Counted

By David Nelson, CFA Once again corporate raider and white knight Carl Icahn has launched an attack on the status quo. His latest battle, which pits him against board members and  the management of eBay, shines a spotlight on a part of corporate America few get to see from the inside. Perhaps Gordon Gekko said […]

January 16

Yahoo COO Exit – Severance – Stock Options & Dead Presidents

By David Nelson, CFA After just 15 months on the job, Henrique de Castro, Yahoo’s Chief Operating Officer is being shown the exit. Rumors have been flying that he might be forced out and now it seems that will be as soon as today. Henrique was one of CEO Marissa Mayer’s first hires. Coming from […]

December 27

Freeport (FCX) Board’s Christmas Gift to CEO

December 27

You’re Fired!

By David Nelson, CFA You’re fired! Whether it’s Donald Trump on The Apprentice, or your boss asking for your security pass, getting fired is an emotional event. Fear, failure and yes even panic are the first emotions we deal with. It often means tapping into savings and a step down in your lifestyle while you scramble […]

December 24

Freeport (FCX) CEO Adkerson Gets the Gold & Shareholders Get the Shaft

It’s only been a year since the board and management of Freeport McMoRan (FCX) launched a self-serving deal that lined the pockets of insiders while losing $Billions in market cap for shareholders. Here they are once again pushing the envelope on greed and incompetence. Yesterday the company awarded CEO Richard Adkerson 1 million restricted stock […]