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April 17

Forget North Korea – Something even more sinister is lurking in the shadows

By David Nelson, CFA The usual suspects’ valuation and politics both played a role in last week’s market decline. However, it’s safe to say rumors of another nuclear test on the Korean peninsula forced traders to the exit as the S&P 500 (SPY) closed at the lows of the day, week and month heading into […]

April 10

Market Assassins

By David Nelson, CFA Investor concern has been rising and reflected in the sideways price action over the last several weeks. We’ve rounded up the usual suspects including valuation, politics, military action and the Fed as potential assassins to a bull market now entering its 9th year. Before we break out the cyanide capsules it’s […]

April 08

The $4.5 Trillion Dollar Problem

David comments on the FOMC minutes in back to back interviews for CNBC and i24 News.

March 16

The Fed Surprise

David points out the only surprise in the March Fed Policy statement. Caught Hedge Funds off sides…

February 23

Olive oil & the economy

David joins host Michelle Makori to discuss olive oil and the economy. That’s how we started off but eventually got to more important issues like the Fed, tax reform and other issues important to investors.

February 16

The Market Rally – Up Close & Personal

David joins Michelle Makori on the new I24 News set from Times Square to discuss the market rally and why he’s getting worried.

February 03

Trump & the Fed – Is Yellen on the way out?

David shares his take on Trump’s view of the Fed and the odds of Yellen giving up the Chair.

December 16

CCTV – Fed Decision Day

David connects with China TV’s Washington DC host Elaine Reyes to discuss the latest Federal Reserver decision.

December 16

Fed Decision Day – From the NYSE

David talks about the Fed announcement on new startup Cheddar.com from the floor of the exchange.

December 12

Will the Fed end the Trump Rally?

By David Nelson, CFA After a 4 week post-election rally pushing the Dow up close to 20K, focus shifts to the Fed and an expected rate hike, the first since last year. There’s little debate on the street as to the announcement this week but the commentary that follows has investors wondering just how much […]