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January 05


David sits down with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to debate the potential for a U.S. recession in 2016

January 03

2015 Look Back and Best Bet for 2016

David sits down with Fox News host Patty Ann Browne to discuss 2015 and the road ahead. If “The Graduate” was being made today Mr. McGuire would be whispering Defense not Plastics.

December 23

Where the Black Swan Lives

If there’s a Black Swan lurking out there it’s probably floating near an oil rig. On set with Charles Payne and the legendary Jim Rogers

December 17

Fed Double Header – CBS & Fox Business

Highlights from CBS & Fox Business discussing the Fed’s decision yesterday to raise interest rates for the first time in 9 years.

November 16

The morning after Paris – 3 AM Fox Business

The news was coming in fast and furious that morning as markets around the world tried to digest the Paris attacks.

November 08

Debt Collection – You Have Rights! – Fox News Interview

David sits down with Fox News anchor Eric Shawn to discuss the challenges faced by 30 million Americans who are in debt collection.

October 22

Magic Leap on Fox Business

David talks about Google’s latest start up investment Magic Leap

August 30

Media Highlights – “A week to remember”

David was invited to many of the major networks last week to discuss world events shaping the markets, our economy and U.S. Elections. This short clip includes highlights from those shows.

August 26

Market Rally – Is it Real?

David sits with Fox Business host Liz Macdonald to discuss the Dow’s 600+ point move.

August 25

Fox Business “Stuart, take a breath…”

David sits down with Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney to discuss the snap back rally in the market.