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February 12

Dinosaurs of the Dow

David goes on Public TV to discuss why stocks kicked out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average do so well.

June 21

GE – The Final Insult

After more than a century in the Dow GE is gone…

March 05

Is it time for CEO Jeff Immelt to Go? – Yahoo

David sits down with Yahoo host Aaron Task to answer the question, “Is it time for CEO Jeff Immelt to Go?”

November 11

GE – Time for a Change – Full Interview

David mixes it up with GE Bull Brian Langenberg. Is it time for Jeff Immelt to go?

November 11

GE Rant – Is It Time for Jeff Immelt to Go?

Soundbites from David Nelson’s Rant on GE. David says Jeff has been there almost a decade and a half. More than enough time to get the job done.

September 08

Will GE Ever Break-Up? – CNBC Interview

David asks the question all GE shareholders want answered.

March 12

Active vs. Passive Investing – Time for Some Payback!

By David Nelson, CFA Since the dawn of index funds investors have grappled with the decision to place their hard earned money with portfolio managers or just buy the index. As money management styles fall in and out of favor, investors rushed from one fund to the next chasing the Holy Grail. Since most indexes […]

November 25

What I’m Looking At Today

Iran – Oil is down this morning on the heels of the announced deal with Iran that rolls back some sanctions, while talks go on for the next 6 months. Some analysts like Barclays Helima Croft say this will be just a knee jerk reaction. I disagree. I don’t expect a big bounce back after […]

November 07

David Nelson – The Willis Report – Twitter IPO

David Speaks to Gerri about Twitter’s IPO and where the stock is going next.