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June 21

GE – The Final Insult

After more than a century in the Dow GE is gone…

October 22

The Arrogance of GE

David says the nearly 2 decades of poor performance by General Electric’s management along with a CEO Jeff Immelt who wasted shareholder funds on his ego is a disgrace but unfortunately not a new story in corporate America.

April 10

GE – Jeff Immelt Gets the Memo

David joins CNBC hosts Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans to discuss GE’s decision to downsize GE Capital and do a $50 Billion buyback.

November 11

GE Rant – Is It Time for Jeff Immelt to Go?

Soundbites from David Nelson’s Rant on GE. David says Jeff has been there almost a decade and a half. More than enough time to get the job done.

November 07

David Nelson – The Willis Report – Twitter IPO

David Speaks to Gerri about Twitter’s IPO and where the stock is going next.