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August 05

Problem with the curve

David and Charles discuss what falling bond yields indicate for the economy

May 30

Bonds Aren’t Following the Bull Market Script

By David Nelson, CFA With equity markets (SPY) at all-time highs investors are searching for any signal that could give them an advance warning to pull the rip cord. Even in the face of a paralyzed Washington traders have stepped in to buy each and every dip. Tax reform and other market friendly initiatives have […]

February 03

3 Blocks to the Wall of Worry – Yahoo TV

  David sits down with Yahoo Finance TV anchor Jeff Macke to discuss the markets current “Wall of Worry.”      

January 26

The U.S. Is Not the Only Game in Town – BNN Interview

David talks about the earnings on deck, the FOMC decision and the massive breakout in the DAX.

January 26

Monster Breakout in the German DAX – How to Play It

By David Nelson, CFA This chart of the German Dax took on a life of its own when I posted it on Twitter last night. After many retweets and favorites I knew I had to share it with the Yahoo audience. As always Sunday is a big research day giving me a chance to reflect […]