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February 06

The Siren Song of Emerging Markets (EEM)

By David Nelson, CFA The emerging markets have always been the beta trade. U.S. markets go up and Emerging Markets rise even more. The inverse was also true but we knew that going in. These were developing markets that would sometimes falter. Inflation, policy mistakes, revolutions, dictators you name it were all risks investors were […]

January 07

Janet Yellen – Her First Challenge in 2014

By David Nelson, CFA Last night the Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as the next Fed Chairwoman. The confirmation was never in doubt but Fed watchers were all curious as to how large the margin would be. Many believed the no votes might be as high as 30, matching exiting Chairman Bernanke. With a vote of […]

December 27

Gold – Last Correction Took 20 Years

December 24

3 Reasons Gold is Going Lower

David Nelson Chief Strategist at Belpointe Asset Management talks about why Gold is likely to head lower in a Bull / Bear Debate on CNBC. (Click here or on Picture above for video)

December 20

GOLD – Time to Buy? – Before the Bell

Gold – Time to Buy? – Investing in an asset class after a bubble burst is the fat pitch every hitter looks for. Gold bugs are stepping up to the plate thinking this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The yellow metal just broke to a multi-year low and is facing its first annual decline […]