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January 17

Is it safe?

Bringing home supply chains isn’t just good business, it’s a national security imperative.

March 01

Goldman – Fed – Mueller & Guns – i24 News

David joins i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in on a range of issues.

December 12

Will the Fed end the Trump Rally?

By David Nelson, CFA After a 4 week post-election rally pushing the Dow up close to 20K, focus shifts to the Fed and an expected rate hike, the first since last year. There‚Äôs little debate on the street as to the announcement this week but the commentary that follows has investors wondering just how much […]

May 28

Goldman Employees – No longer just a number

Goldman scraps rating their employees 1-9. Big investment banks have been in a secular decline for about 8 Years. Younger employees want real feedback.

January 12

Buying a Bank Stock? Read This First

By David Nelson, CFA They have the same tickers and familiar logos but banks sure aren’t the same companies of years past. Gone is the staggering Return on Equity (ROE) and huge trading gains that became the hallmark of firms like Goldman (GS), JP Morgan (JPM)* and others. Make no mistake, these mammoth institutions still […]

June 26

Buy Sell Hold – Varney & Company – Fox Business

David gives 3 recommendations to host Stuart Varney

June 25

Did Wall Street Kill Lululemon? – The Movie

David talks to BNN host Catherine Murray about LULU founder Chip Wilson’s attempt to regain control of the company.

January 21

CNBC Panel from the Floor of the NYSE

David talks about the recent market action from the floor of the NYSE with the CNBC team.

December 09

Before the Bell – Fed’s Next Move – Baby Boomers – Barron’s Picks – GILD

The Fed’s Next Move – After Friday’s strong employment report investors are now faced with a decision. Which do they want more, jobs or QE? Friday’s answer was a resounding “jobs”. How will they feel if the Fed moves as early as next week to remove stimulus and start the taper? The taper will certainly […]

December 06

Before the Bell – Nelson Mandella Passes – Bitcoin, BA, EXPR – Budget Negotiations

Money won’t create success. The freedom to make it will. – Nelson Mandella ___________________________________________________________________________ The Bitcoin Battle Begins – The first wire house research on Bitcoin is out with David Woo from Bank of America Merrill Lynch stepping up to the plate issuing a 14 page note. What I know so far is this. 1 […]