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March 01

This sector has been down 10 weeks in a row

March 15

China Shutdown Hits Tech Shares

David talks about sectors that are working in a challenged market

April 22

Healthcare is hard but it’s even harder when you’re stupid – The Friends of Eddie Coyle

By David Nelson, CFA CMT While stocks put in an unremarkable performance last week, beneath the surface casualties were mounting on the heels of Presidential hopeful Bernie Sander’s town hall on Fox, where he drove home his message of Medicare for All. Each of us come at this from a different political perspective. Certainly in […]

April 20

Money Never Sleeps – More Healthcare Concerns

April 20

Healthcare Free Fall

David sits down with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss the recent carnage in the healthcare sector along with the latest developments on Boeing.

July 03

Market Concerns Over Washington

David joins anchors Lauren Simonetti and Cheryl Cassone to discuss trading into the close of the quarter.  

January 31

Trumped Up Market

By David Nelson, CFA Equity markets are in the short run a barometer of investor perception and emotion. Over the long term they are a discounting mechanism for growth and future earnings. There’s an old saying that markets hate uncertainty. The reality, is that it’s investors that hate it and often react emotionally to every […]

July 04

2016 – The Point of No Return

By David Nelson, CFA As the soldiers of Wall Street return from a 3 day leave I find myself reflecting on the 6 month journey to the halfway point of 2016. Out of the gate we dove to the February 1810 S&P 500 (SPX) low followed by a quick move back to the highs only to […]

October 27

Valeant in the cross hairs of short sellers

David weighs in on the VRX business model

October 15

David Nelson CNBC Pro Interview Highlights

David sits down with CNBC host Dominic Chu to describe his investment strategy. David weighs in on a range of issues answering questions from viewers.