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July 06

Growth Mirage

By David Nelson, CFA CMT With the first half of the year in the rear-view mirror I thought it would be a good time to share some conversations taking place on the Belpointe Trade Desk. You can’t buyback your way to growth Source FactSet Last week United Asset’s Tom Healy and Matt DeLorenzo were guests […]

July 29

Chapter II – 3 Steps to save capitalism

By David Nelson, CFA In Chapter one the first of three steps needed to save capitalism, I focused on taxing capital the same as income. As stated, eliminating the preferential treatment of capital gains isn’t going to solve income inequality and I’m certain that shouldn’t be the goal. There will always be a gap between the successful […]

August 17

Re-invest or Die! – The BNN Interview

The good news is that buybacks are slowing down. The bad news is that buybacks are slowing down. David says CEOs choose buybacks to prop up their paycheck.

December 07

Why Growth is Killing Value – What it means for 2016!

By David Nelson, CFA The S&P 500 is up modestly year to date but the action beneath the surface has investors feeling like heroes or zeros depending on their latest stock pick. This bifurcation is easily seen when comparing S&P 500 Value stocks (IVE) with its growth counterpart (IVW). Investors continue to crowd into a dwindling inventory […]

October 26

Like Rocky the aging bull makes a comeback

By David Nelson, CFA After taking a standing eight count the aging U.S. Bull Market makes a Rocky Balboa comeback. October’s performance to date is one of the best in years. There were a few hints along the way. The successful retest in late September and the positive signal from the Bullish Percent index were early […]

July 21

IBM – The Emperor Still Has No Clothes

David sits down with CNBC’s Bill Griffeth, Sara Eisen and Jon Najarian to discuss IBM’s latest release.

March 03

Can the Cloud Save IBM – CNBC

David talks to CNBC hosts Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth about the problems surrounding IBM.

January 20

Earnings on Deck – CNBC – JNJ, IBM & NFLX

David joins the Closing Bell gang with host Kelly Evans to discuss the earnings today from JNJ, IBM and NFLX. For IBM I guess the Emperor still has no clothes.

December 02

Big Blues for IBM

David calls out IBM executives for using stock buybacks to hide the fact that they aren’t growing. Revenue and cash continue to decline while debt climbs.

October 06

HP Splits in Two – Sell the News!

By David Nelson, CFA Something was bound to happen at HP so it seems fitting we’d get a breaking story of a large reorganization just days before their analyst meeting on October 8th. For weeks there have been rumors Hewlett Packard (HPQ)* was considering a merger with EMC (EMC). Apparently those talks broke down. I […]