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October 01

David takes Tesla’s Stock for a Ride with the Car Coach

David takes Tesla’s stock for a ride with the Car Coach – Lauren Fix.

September 25

David & Former Fed Governor Larry Lindsey

David interviews Former Fed Governor Larry Lindsey and gets his views on the President, the economy and the Fed.

September 20

Michael Gayed talks to me about Summers, Yellen and Emerging Markets

Click Here for Full Video and Story I sat down with Pension Partners Chief Investment Officer and discussed Larry Summer’s withdrawl from consideration as the next FED Chair. We also discussed Yellen’s chances and what this means for both U.S. and emerging markets.

September 18

Right to Work – My Interview with Matt Patterson of CEI

Click Here for Full Video and Story Chattanooga Tennesee has become a battleground for the UAW in their fight to boost membership in their Union. Matt Patterson discusses what he believes would be devastating effects to the local economy if they succeed.

September 12

Hedgeye’s McCullough tells me” Strong US Dollar Could Weaken Putin

Click Here for Full Story and Video

September 11

David’s Interview with Dan Alpert – Westwood Capital

Dan Alpert definitely thinks outside the box and forces you to re-think long held positions.

September 05

The BrainTrust Profit Report with David Nelson – Highlights

The BrainTurst Profit Report with David Nelson. Highlights from the 1 hour live special.

August 29

My Interview with Dom Giordano – Obama’s College Plan

Click Here for Full Story and Video

August 28

My Interview with Grover Norquist – Delay or Defund Obamacare?

August 08

Will Chicago Suffer the Same Fate as Detroit?

Click Here for Full Video and Story I spoke with Matt Patterson of the Competitive Enterprise Institute regarding the dangers and the Fiscal Crisis surrounding Chicago