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January 18

Closing out the week at the NYSE

On the floor with Cheddar hosts Brad Smith and Hope King.

January 13

DOW 40,000!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Less than two weeks into 2020 investors have shrugged off the killing of Iranian Quds force commander Soleimani, a rocket attack on a U.S. installation, the accidental downing of a Boeing 737 in Iranian airspace not to mention a major news service saying the risk of nuclear war is growing. […]

January 06

Another Brick in the Wall of Worry

By David Nelson, CFA CMT We’re only 2 trading days into 2020 and already we have our first brick in the wall of worry. After the administration launched a lethal strike on Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani commander of its Quds Force just about everything else in the news cycle is taking a back seat. […]

November 25

What I’m Looking At Today

Iran – Oil is down this morning on the heels of the announced deal with Iran that rolls back some sanctions, while talks go on for the next 6 months. Some analysts like Barclays Helima Croft say this will be just a knee jerk reaction. I disagree. I don’t expect a big bounce back after […]