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November 23

France is at war! – Will Europe Follow?

By David Nelson, CFA It was just over a week ago armed terrorists launched a coordinated attack in Paris killing 130 people. This comes on the heels of a suicide attack in Beirut and the downing of a Russian airliner. Just days later, another attack takes place in Mali killing 22. On Saturday, Brussels was […]

October 01

2 Trends Investors Can’t Ignore – Alpha Select Update

By David Nelson, CFA Alpha Select – September 2014 Update *Alpha Select – September (-1.50%)  YTD +10.93% **S&P 500 – September (-1.55%) YTD +8.1% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends September frustrated both Bulls and Bears as momentum in either direction was short lived. It’s clear a stealth correction has been taking place most […]

September 14

The Surprise of the Year – A Strong U.S. Dollar

By David Nelson, CFA The strength of the U.S. Dollar may end up being the surprise of the year. Ever since the depths of the financial crisis investors feared that the Fed’s loose monetary policy and a $4.3 Trillion Dollar Balance Sheet would eventually decimate the dollar pushing inflation through the roof. So far inflation […]

September 01

3 Biggest Risks for the Market! – Alpha Select Update

By David Nelson, CFA Alpha Select – August 2014 Update *Alpha Select – August +5.2%  YTD +12.36% **S&P 500 – August +3.8% YTD +9.58% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends August erased all of June’s losses pushing markets into record high territory boosting the S&P through another millennium. It feels good, looks good and […]

June 16

Iraq Crisis – The Tipping Point – Interview The Street.com

David talks to The Street.com anchor Debra Borchardt about the crisis unfolding in Iraq and what it means for world energy markets.

June 16

Iraq Crisis – The Tipping Point

By David Nelson, CFA Last week most investors were blind-sided by the frightening events coming out of Iraq, an area of the world most Americans would like to forget. A wave of talking heads including yours truly took to the airwaves, some focused on the politics and others like myself looking to sort out the […]