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May 02

The Willis Report – Buffett – Obamacare – Jobs

I was fired up. I don’t often get to talk that much and last night I couldn’t turn it off. We covered a lot of topics. Jobs, Buffett, Obamacare and more. Tracy Burns filling in for Gerri Willis was awesome.

January 12

Unemployment is Higher than you Think!

David discusses the Labor Participation Rate which is now hitting 36 year lows. The truth is many Americans have been out of work so long they’ve just given up.

December 31

The Willis Report – Fox Biz – 2014 – Jobs – IBM

David Nelson discusses his target for the markets in 2014 and shares his views on job growth as well as IBM’s broken business model.

December 05

Before the Bell – AAPL, China Update, Minimum Wage, the ACA, Jobs, Volker Rule

Apple (AAPL) – The chart is certainly looking like the Apple of old. After several years of negotiations Apple finally cut a deal with China Mobile. This has been rumored for some time and part of the reason Steve Mulonovich from UBS upgraded the stock recently. Apple is in the Alpha Select portfolio. Despite having […]