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November 10

McDonald’s, Under Armour and Corporate Taxes

David joins Fox Business anchor Lauren Simonetti to discuss the latest breaking news.

March 31

McDonald’s Boosts Tuition Assistance for Employees

David joins the Fox Business News panel to discuss McDonald’s Tuition Assistance Program

December 26

MCD – Bull or Bear?

David talks about the challenges facing the Golden Arches and why investors aren’t lovin’ it.  

July 24

Big Mac & Coke – Investors Aren’t Lovin’ It

By David Nelson, CFA Few companies have dominated their categories more than McDonalds (MCD) and Coca Cola (KO). Since 1982 both are up well over 5000%. Warren Buffett who seems to love iconic brand names has owned both. Coke of course is still one of his larger positions however Mr. Buffett sold out his position […]

December 30


By David Nelson, CFA With sales growth stagnant for many of our nation’s leading consumer brands, growth investors have found the sector problematic. More than 2/3 of companies represented in the consumer staples sector of the S&P 500, have underperformed the index in 2013. The saving grace for some of America’s largest brand names was […]

December 05

Before the Bell – AAPL, China Update, Minimum Wage, the ACA, Jobs, Volker Rule

Apple (AAPL) – The chart is certainly looking like the Apple of old. After several years of negotiations Apple finally cut a deal with China Mobile. This has been rumored for some time and part of the reason Steve Mulonovich from UBS upgraded the stock recently. Apple is in the Alpha Select portfolio. Despite having […]