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September 24

Friday Night Soundbites

David bounces from network to network to weigh in on Washington & Wall Street

September 02

Consumer Confidence hits an 18-year high

It’s not just GDP hitting 4.2% or the fact that Consumer Confidence just hit an 18-year high…

August 30

NAFTA Breakthrough?

With Mexico signing on and Canadian officials in Washington the administration believes they are close to a new NAFTA deal. David weighs in on Fox Business.

January 28

Trade War!

On set with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne David weighs in on trade tariffs and NAFTA negotiations.

January 26

NAFTA must protect U.S. Intellectual Property

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to weigh in on upcoming NAFTA negotiations.

January 11

NAFTA – Will the U.S. Walk Away

Will Trump pull out of NAFTA negotiations. David discusses with i24 News anchor Michelle Makori.

October 12

NAFTA Negotiations – Another Fork in the Road

David joins i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to discuss NAFTA negotiations. The administration tries another path.

October 12

Set-up for Banks – NAFTA & more

Just before JPM and C released earnings. –

September 02

NAFTA Talks: Trump Must Secure America’s Strongest Asset

David discusses his recent article on NAFTA talks and why it’s so important to protect our strongest asset.  

August 30

Canada – The Enemy Next Door

By David Nelson, CFA Twenty three years after President Clinton signed NAFTA the United States meets once again with our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. The administration looks to renegotiate a treaty that many Americans feel didn’t live up to the spirt and promise of the original document. Lost jobs and a widening trade deficit […]