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October 19

Netflix & BREXIT

David joins i24News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in on Netflix earnings and the latest on BREXIT

April 15

Netflix vs Disney + Trump vs Powell

David weighs on on Netflix, Disney, Goldman and Citi and still has time to discuss the President’s battle with the Fed and Chair Powell

April 18

Netflix – Can they stay on top?

Click on Picture to find out? Earlier today David sat joined Yahoo anchor Alexis Christophorous and Editor in Chief Andy Serwer to discuss Netflix earnings to be released after the bell today.

January 13

Oil, Wanda, Netflix & Matt Daman

Joined the Yahoo team to talk about Oil, Wanda, Netflix and yes even Matt Daman.

July 21

The Perfect Storm For Cable

Content is King, is a phrase that puts fear in the hearts and minds of cable company executives and gets louder each time one of its providers decides it’s time to raise prices. Technology, which has a way of disrupting business models, is about to wield its sword once again. While each of these creates a […]