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June 21

Brexit Proof Stocks

David sits down with CNBC’s Tyler Matheson to discuss Brexit and which stocks might do the best if the vote is for Britain to leave the EU.

February 12

Stock Safety Plays

David sits down with CNBC hosts Kelly Evans and Michael Santoli to discuss safety plays in a very volatile market. “Even Bernie Sanders will be forced to increase military spending ┬áif he becomes President.”

January 03

2015 Look Back and Best Bet for 2016

David sits down with Fox News host Patty Ann Browne to discuss 2015 and the road ahead. If “The Graduate” was being made today Mr. McGuire would be whispering Defense not Plastics.

November 05

Mid-Term Election Market Reaction – Fox Business

David discusses the post mid-term market reaction with Fox Business host Stuart Varney

December 12

Before the Bell – The Correction? – Gilead (GILD) – The Budget Deal (Why Both Sides are Unhappy)

The Correction? -Yesterday’s sell-off was fueled by fears of a Taper that could come as early as next week and the remote possibility of a thumbs down vote on the budget deal. My call is still for a Q1 taper. I think the Fed would like one more employment report to give them the confidence […]

December 02

Before the Bell – China – Japan Update, AMZN Drones & More

( Click on Picture for Interview) China Follow-up – China, Japan and the U.S continue to put military assets into the skies over the East China Seas close to the Senkaku Islands where both China and Japan claim sovereignty. China wants the U.S. Military to file flight plans when they fly through their ADIZ (Air […]