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November 07

Nuclear Nightmare – How long before there’s a mistake

Dr. Strangelove has nothing on what’s taking place in North Korea. How long before there’s a mistake that can’t be walked back?

March 11

Weighing in on North Korea Talks

David sits down with former White House advisor to Bush 43 Ron Christie, political commentator Erin McPike and host Connell McShane on Neil Cavuto’s show last week to discuss the merits and potential risk of President Trump’s impending face to face meeting with Kim Jong Un.

October 09

Two Things Driving Markets to All-Time Highs

By David Nelson, CFA For most of the last 18 months it’s paid to be tilted toward the reflation trade with overweights’ in financials, tech and industrials. As tax reform made its way back into the news cycle yields started to return to the upper end of the trading range and despite a legislative goose […]

September 24

North Korea – When Will Markets Care?

David joins the FBNAM news team to discuss the latest threat from North Korea.  

September 15

London, North Korea Not Impacting Markets

David joins Fox Business hosts Lauren Simonetti and Cheryl Casone to weigh in on the terrorist attack in London along with North Korea’s latest missile launch.  

September 14

Are Americans Ready for a Trade War with China

David tells Fox Business anchor Charles Payne any trade sanctions on China to push them to end the NOKO crisis will have to be massive.  

September 08

North Korea – China is key

David joins Fox Business anchor Connell McShane to discuss the President’s latest comments regarding North Korea.    

September 06

North Korea – Clear & Present Danger

David joins the panel hosted by Fox Business anchor Trish Reagan to discuss the North Korean threat.  

September 04

North Korea – Bottom line, we screwed up!

By David Nelson, CFA Bottom line we screwed up. Every President since Reagan bears responsibility for North Korea. Each passed it on to their successor and now President Trump is clearly facing a series of decisions that will likely define his presidency. The administration has repeatedly said all options are on the table. It’s pretty […]

September 03

Every President Since Reagan Bears Responsibility for North Korea

By David Nelson, CFA August was a struggle for markets as political and geopolitical events weighed on sentiment for risk assets. Departures from the White House along with miss steps from the President helped fuel concerns here while tensions over North Korea’s nuclear threat continue to mount. Every President since Reagan bears some responsibility as […]