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August 09

North Korea & Your Money

On set with CNBC anchors Melissa Lee and Brian Sullivan. Why don’t markets care?

July 06

Why markets aren’t reacting to North Korea

David joins anchors Cheryl Cassone and former F/A 18 Pilot Lea Gabrielle to discuss North Korea and the G20 Summit in Europe.  

April 30

North Korea & NAFTA in the Crosshairs – CBS News Interview

David joins the CBS News team to discuss the latest developments regarding North Korea and the administration’s stance on NAFTA.

April 17

Forget North Korea – Something even more sinister is lurking in the shadows

By David Nelson, CFA The usual suspects’ valuation and politics both played a role in last week’s market decline. However, it’s safe to say rumors of another nuclear test on the Korean peninsula forced traders to the exit as the S&P 500 (SPY) closed at the lows of the day, week and month heading into […]

March 06

North Korea Launches 4 Missiles – Investors Put to the Test

By David Nelson, CFA Early Monday morning Asian markets woke up to news that North Korea had launched four ballistic missiles 620 miles off its east coast. With over 28,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea tensions are high as officials monitor the North who say they are responding to joint military exercises hosted by […]

January 06

North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb?

Reports overnight that North Korea had successfully tested a Hydrogen Bomb rocked markets today. The Jury is out but all indications point to a fission device. Made the rounds today on a few of the networks to discuss the event.