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January 13

Oil, Wanda, Netflix & Matt Daman

Joined the Yahoo team to talk about Oil, Wanda, Netflix and yes even Matt Daman.

January 04

2016 – The Road Ahead

By David Nelson, CFA Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane before looking ahead to this year. 2015 was frustrating for both Bulls & Bears with the S&P and Dow unable to breakout convincingly in either direction. Only the Tech heavy NASDAQ managed a positive return on a price basis. Here in the U.S. […]

January 02

The Final Trade – 2015

Closing out the year with a CNBC round table discussion. On set at the NYSE with  Sara Eisen, Bill Griffith, Mike Santoli, Tim Seymor, John Kilduff and myself. We covered just about everything.

December 29

The Oil Ripple Effect – Yahoo

From Alaska Oil to Nike we covered it all on Mid-Day Movers

December 28

5 Questions Investors are Asking

By David Nelson, CFA 2015 will end the year frustrating both bulls and bears. Unable to sustain a breakout in either direction, trends were tough to come by and most couldn’t sustain themselves long enough for investors to jump on board. While the S&P looks to come in about flat for the year one look […]

December 21

Oil & the Black Swan – The Final Countdown

By David Nelson, CFA It’s been a little over a year since I published the first in the series, Oil & the Black Swan. Just days’ earlier Saudi Arabia had announced they would no longer be the world’s swing producer willing to cut production and support oil prices. There hasn’t been a funeral or even a […]

October 27

The aging bull makes a comeback – The Movie

David joins BNN to discuss the aging bull market, Valeant, Oil and the Fed

October 26

Like Rocky the aging bull makes a comeback

By David Nelson, CFA After taking a standing eight count the aging U.S. Bull Market makes a Rocky Balboa comeback. October’s performance to date is one of the best in years. There were a few hints along the way. The successful retest in late September and the positive signal from the Bullish Percent index were early […]

July 06

The Euro Will Fail – CCTV

David sits down with CCTV’s Michelle Makori to discuss the crisis in Greece, China’s Market Crash and the fall in oil

December 30

It’s Different This Time – The Movie

David talks to BNN host Frances Horodelski about his recent Yahoo Finance Article and projections for the coming year