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December 26

2015 – The Fox Business Interview

David talks about 2015 targets and concerns as we head into the new year.

December 21

What Lower Oil Prices Mean for the World Economy – Al Jazeera

David talks to Al Jazeera via London on choices for OPEC.

December 15

Oil & The Black Swan Part 2

By David Nelson, CFA From the speculative mania of tulip bulbs in 1637 to the Financial Crisis of 2008, unpredictable high profile accidents have taken down investors and sometimes even whole countries. As I said in Part 1 of this series, these events often referred to as a Black Swan are only discoverable looking in […]

December 09

The True Cost of Cheap Oil

  Oil prices hit another 5 year low. What’s the True Cost of Cheap Oil? For the first time in close to 50 years Oil is trading without the support of OPEC.

November 28

The Death of OPEC

December 13

Before the Bell – OPEC (The Emperor Has No Clothes)

OPEC (The Emperor Has No Clothes) – For decades the United States has lived in fear of OPEC and the power the cartel holds over world energy markets. The 1973 oil embargo marked the beginning of a long-term rise in oil prices which helped fuel an inflationary period that brought our economy to its knees. […]