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February 27

The Fed needs to tame the inflation beast

Click on picture for video. Sat down with TD Ameritrade host Oliver Renick to weigh in on the Fed and stocks reporting tonight and in the morning.

February 26

Shareholders – Stand Up And Be Counted

By David Nelson, CFA Once again corporate raider and white knight Carl Icahn has launched an attack on the status quo. His latest battle, which pits him against board members and  the management of eBay, shines a spotlight on a part of corporate America few get to see from the inside. Perhaps Gordon Gekko said […]

February 03

January – What Happened, Why It Happened and What We Are Doing About It!

By David Nelson, CFA January was a month most stock investors would like to forget, especially coming on the heels of 2013 where the market offered few opportunities to get in.  Alpha Select outperformed this month but a 3.6% fall in the S&P has to be addressed. Let’s talk about; What happened, Why it happened […]

December 27

You’re Fired!

By David Nelson, CFA You’re fired! Whether it’s Donald Trump on The Apprentice, or your boss asking for your security pass, getting fired is an emotional event. Fear, failure and yes even panic are the first emotions we deal with. It often means tapping into savings and a step down in your lifestyle while you scramble […]

December 17

Before the Bell – Drowing in Oil (OXY) (HP) – Boeing (BA) More Good News

Drowning in Oil – Energy independence is a big part of my bull thesis for U.S. Equity markets. While not achievable for some time we continue to march down that path. Several of the major news organizations including Bloomberg, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal ran stories yesterday pointing to record output of U.S. […]