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September 14

The Surprise of the Year – A Strong U.S. Dollar

By David Nelson, CFA The strength of the U.S. Dollar may end up being the surprise of the year. Ever since the depths of the financial crisis investors feared that the Fed’s loose monetary policy and a $4.3 Trillion Dollar Balance Sheet would eventually decimate the dollar pushing inflation through the roof. So far inflation […]

August 08

Did Putin Blink? – In Depth Interview with CCTV

David does an in depth interview with CCTV’s Michelle Mikori on the Geo Political Events that have driven markets over the last several weeks.

March 08

Putin is Ex KGB & Chess Master – His Next Move

David tells London host Martine Dennis that Putin is ex KGB and has always wanted to return Russia to Superpower status.

March 03

Russian Invasion – 4 Questions Investors Are Asking

By David Nelson, CFA I said earlier this year during a CNBC interview “one of the things that keeps me up at night are the events I can’t quantify. Among those are military conflict and political unrest.” Well, we certainly got that as we headed into the close Friday with reports coming out of the […]

September 12

Hedgeye’s McCullough tells me” Strong US Dollar Could Weaken Putin

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