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December 27


By David Nelson, CFA CMTWith a government shutdown approaching DC politics continue to be a quagmire of pork and special interests. A dysfunctional Washington is hardly surprising but the 5,593 page $900 Billion Covid-19 Relief Bill probably hits a new low. The bi-partisan package was of course tied to a $1.4 Trillion government funding bill […]

January 28

Post Shutdown Markets

David joins Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone to discuss the market’s post shutdown reaction.

January 21

Markets Eye Shutdown

On the coldest day of the year David joins Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone to discuss the Shutdown and market reaction.

January 20

Banks Priced for Disappointment

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO David joins Yahoo Finance anchor Alexis Christophorous to discuss the early read on earnings as well as the government shutdown.

January 11

Shutdown History

Shutdowns are pretty common place in American Politics. David discusses with i24 News anchor Michelle Makori

January 22


By David Nelson, CFA Equity markets pushed higher last week despite the prospects of a government shutdown on Friday. Right on cue the Elephants and the Donkeys failed in their mandate as the Washington Circus came to a screeching halt. It’s unlikely it will last for any length of time but with each day that […]