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February 21

This chart shows why stock futures are down this morning

By David Nelson, CFA Last week’s modest pull back in U.S. stocks was surprising given the current headwinds and challenges for risk assets. 2-year treasury yields are the highest since last November. Short duration fixed income and cash instruments are offering a competitive alternative to stocks. This morning futures reflect that reality with most markets […]

May 04

Buffett – Talks the Talk, Can He Walk the Walk

By David Nelson, CFA Every year around this time Warren Buffet takes the stage at what has become the Wall Street equivalent to a Grateful Dead Concert. Fans and true believers flood into Omaha to see the Oracle himself. Only this year, there was a dark cloud hovering over the event. In a shot heard […]

March 03

S&P 500 – “Back in Black”

By David Nelson, CFA After markets ended January in the red, February put on one of the best performances since early last year. The 4% move in the S&P is even more impressive when you consider right out of the gate we took a 300 point plunge in the Dow on the heels of weak […]

January 22

The Wall Street Movie Release Indicator Exposed!

By David Nelson, CFA In the last couple of weeks talking heads have come up with some very novel ways to predict the next market crash or downturn. Ranking right at the top in popularity is; “The Wall Street Movie Release Indicator.” With charts and pictures of your favorite actors and movie posters, disciples of […]

January 15

Alpha Select Portfolio Mid-Month Update

By David Nelson, CFA Markets have had a rocky start to 2014 but I haven’t been shaken from my bullish perch. Monday’s fall was on the heels of a Goldman (GS) report labeling the market as overvalued and yesterday’s bounce was off of an in-line quarter from JP Morgan (JPM). Helping push the index higher […]

December 30


By David Nelson, CFA With sales growth stagnant for many of our nation’s leading consumer brands, growth investors have found the sector problematic. More than 2/3 of companies represented in the consumer staples sector of the S&P 500, have underperformed the index in 2013. The saving grace for some of America’s largest brand names was […]

December 03

Why the S&P 500 is Beating You! – The Willis Report

David Nelson joins host Gerri Willis on the Fox Business Willis Report to discuss why investors aren’t keeping up with the index. David also gives his call on the market for 2014 including targets.

September 01

Buy the Dip or Back to the Bunker?

Buy the Dip has been a rallying cry for talking heads for most of 2013. It always sounds smart and exactly what the Doctor ordered until it actually happens. Suddenly the talking heads turn bearish and the buyable dip feels like the beginning of a correction forcing us back to the bunker. I succumb to the same […]