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October 05

A shot across the bow…

By David Nelson, CFA For stock pickers Friday’s action was a shot across the bow as the market seemed to embrace a Bad News is Good News psychology. In the face of Friday’s dismal jobs report, traders looked through the dark clouds scooping up beaten down shares or covering crowded shorts. Not only was the […]

February 03

Going Tactical – The Movie

  Phrases like “You have to be in it to win it” or “I’m a long term investor” work right up until one day your retirement account is down 30% and they just handed you a gold watch. David talks about the potential of tactical asset allocation to reduce drawdowns.  

February 03

3 Blocks to the Wall of Worry – Yahoo TV

  David sits down with Yahoo Finance TV anchor Jeff Macke to discuss the markets current “Wall of Worry.”      

February 02

January Redux – Alpha Select & BullFinder Updates

David Nelson, CFA In a near repeat performance of last year’s kick off, the S&P ended the month falling close to 3%. Also, just like last year the only two sectors to end in positive territory were Utilities and Healthcare. Alpha Select our total equity model fared better than the benchmark down 1.98%. Click Here for profit […]

January 29

CNBC – San Diego TD Ameritrade Conference

David discusses the markets and the importance of Tactical Asset allocation with CNBC host Amanda Drury while attending the TD Ameritrade Conference in San Diego.

January 02

2014 Yearbook

Alpha Select – December 2014 Update *Alpha Select – December (-1.15%)  YTD +13.19% * Net of Fees David Nelson, CFA After a rough start, a series of geopolitical events shaking investor confidence and a disappointing final trading day, 2014 added a 6th year to the bull market that began in 2009. Alpha Select enjoyed another strong year […]

December 30

It’s Different This Time – The Movie

David talks to BNN host Frances Horodelski about his recent Yahoo Finance Article and projections for the coming year

December 26

2015 – The Fox Business Interview

David talks about 2015 targets and concerns as we head into the new year.

December 24

The 2014 Santa Claus Rally – CNBC

David sat down with CNBC hosts Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth along with NYSE veteran Peter Costa to talk about this year’s Santa Claus Rally.

December 01

The Twelfth Round – Alpha Select November Update

Alpha Select – November 2014 Update *Alpha Select – November +3.00%  YTD +14.51% **S&P 500 – November +2.45% YTD +13.49% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends By David Nelson, CFA Nothing short of a December knock out is going to save the Bears this year. With only 3 down months in 2014, the ref’s scorecard has it 8-3 […]