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October 13

Wall Street Loves it, I HATE it!

Easiest way for a CEO to hit an earnings per share target and get their bonus is a stock buyback.

April 12

Let stock buybacks die

By David Nelson, CFA COVID-19 has done more than bring the world economy to its knees. It’s forcing decisions about life and death beyond that of our neighbors and loved ones. The actions of government and now the Federal Reserve includes a rescue package $Trillions in scope whose current goal is to return the status […]

April 29

Let’s be careful out there!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Despite all the noise about using their new found wealth to expand CAPEX Goldman data points to stock buybacks increasing by 13% to just shy of $1Trillion for 2019. Politics aside CEOs continue to take the easy way out. Readers know my position on buybacks as being overused and often a […]

February 23

Stock Buybacks Do Nothing for Sales or Income – just EPS

$SPYB – Companies mortgage their future to goose the bottom line

February 17

Buybacks in focus on Capital Hill

David says the reason companies buyback stock are a lot more “sinister.”

November 30

Post Trump Rally Trades – NYSE

David joins the gang for CNBC’s Closing bell with Sara Eisen & Bill Griffeth. David and Mike Santoli go head to head over Stock Buybacks

March 28

Drop in Q4 earnings shows the rise of financial engineering

David sits with Scott Gamm anchor for theStreet.com to discuss the fall in corporate earnings and why financial engineering is taking center stage.

March 28

CEO’s are selling the future to prop up their compensation

David sits down with CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to discuss stock buybacks. Many believe they are good for shareholders but are they really?