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February 04

State of the Market

By David Nelson, CFA With the President’s State of the Union scheduled for Tuesday now seems like a good time to discuss the State of the Market. January was certainly a great way to kick off the year especially on the heels of December, a month most of us would like to forget. Talking points  […]

July 13

Top Down Vs Bottom Up – Which Investor Has the Edge?

By David Nelson, CFA There’s no shortage of articles from the financial community calling for a significant market downturn. The best point out excess and froth or data that has slipped under the radar. Pointing out red flags is healthy and part of the investment process. The worst make tired arguments of impending doom because […]

December 26

David Nelson – Varney & Co – 2014 Outlook

David Nelson discuses the prospects for stocks like U.S. Steel as well as the U.S. economy with host Charles Payne and Elizabeth McDonald