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February 24

Why CEOs make over 300 times more than workers

By David Nelson, CFA Income inequality will be a central theme for Democrat and Republican candidates as we head into the election cycle. Both sides of the aisle know what’s at stake and the importance of positioning their policies as a cure for what some call a cancer sweeping the nation. Last week, the President […]

April 24

The C-Suite Conspiracy

By David Nelson Income inequality and the widening gap between the rich and poor has become a central theme that will likely dominate the political landscape as we head into the mid-term elections. Both sides of the aisle frame the debate differently and as you might expect there is a lot of finger pointing when […]

January 16

Yahoo COO Exit – Severance – Stock Options & Dead Presidents

By David Nelson, CFA After just 15 months on the job, Henrique de Castro, Yahoo’s Chief Operating Officer is being shown the exit. Rumors have been flying that he might be forced out and now it seems that will be as soon as today. Henrique was one of CEO Marissa Mayer’s first hires. Coming from […]

October 20

The American Nightmare

Wall Street protestors aren’t just calling for change they are “Taking it to the Streets.” An army of hundreds has quickly mushroomed into thousands with union re-enforcements on the way. The list seems nearly endless with groups as diverse as the Transit Workers Union to the Chinatown Tenants Union joining forces with political activists like MoveOn.org to […]