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October 04


By David Nelson, CFA CMT September all but wiped out the strong start to Q3 with both the Dow and NASDAQ ending the quarter in the red leaving only the S&P 500 fractionally in the green up just +0.58%. There was no shortage of suspects to blame. Rising yields, a coming taper, Delta, China, inflation, […]

September 20

Fed Day – The beginning of the end…

By David Nelson, CFA CMT As strategists, portfolio managers, analysts, or market pundits we tend to hype the importance of events to support a narrative that explains our market outlook. In the last decade it has been hard to write a market piece or research report without some mention of the Federal Reserve and or […]

January 28

What if the Fed Stops the Taper? – David on the Street

January 02

2014 – Why the Ride Isn’t Over!

By David Nelson, CFA Gordon Gekko – “This is your wakeup call pal. Go to work.” It’s 6:30 am Wednesday, January 1st 2014 and I can’t get my mind off Gekko’s call to Bud Fox in the movie “Wall Street.” Obviously, I didn’t make it to Times Square last night, so I decided to start […]

December 10

CNBC – David on the Floor of NYSE talking about the Fed’s Taper

David Nelson joins CNBC host Scott Wapner and Bob Pisani on the floor of the NYSE to discuss the Fed’s Taper, John Deere (DE) and his market prediction for 2014.

September 20

Michael Gayed talks to me about Summers, Yellen and Emerging Markets

Click Here for Full Video and Story I sat down with Pension Partners Chief Investment Officer and discussed Larry Summer’s withdrawl from consideration as the next FED Chair. We also discussed Yellen’s chances and what this means for both U.S. and emerging markets.

September 17

David – The Willis Report – The Prez, Taper and Fed Chair

Talked to Gerri about the President’s Speech on the Financial Crisis, the Taper and who will fill the next Fed Chair. 

September 10

Will the Fed Use Washington as an Excuse Not to Taper?

There comes a point in every party when your next cocktail or beer doesn’t give you that warm fuzzy feeling. If you’re smart you get the message, grab your coat and head home. For the last half decade the Fed has kept the punchbowl filled and the party raged on. Asset prices are up dramatically […]