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January 03

Strong start for 2018 as business optimism rises

David weighs in on the first trading day of 2018

December 28

Risks for 2018 – China is #1

David sits down with FBN news anchor Charles Payne and columnist Liz Peek to discuss 2018 outlook and potential risks.

December 27

Tax Overhaul – What if it works?

The political fallout continues to mount as both the GOP and Democrats position themselves for the mid-terms. Rosie O’Donnell shares her views on the Tax Overhaul.

December 17

Finally a tax code that doesn’t encourage corporations to leave


December 17

Tax bill details released

David says despite its flaws if it passes we’ll finally have a tax code that doesn’t encourage companies to leave the United States

December 11

2018 Stock Market Predictions

By David Nelson, CFA Sentiment coming into 2017 was mixed, mostly divided around political affiliation. Those in support of change pointed to aggressive growth expectations on the heels of tax reform and deregulation. On the other side, economists like Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman believed expecting anything approaching 3-3.5% GDP was little more than economic arrogance. […]

December 05

Next leg of the bull market isn’t going to come from stock buybacks

David says the next leg of the bull market isn’t going to come from stock buybacks. Frank discussion with Fox Business News anchor Trish Regan. L3 Communications CEO let’s the cat out of the bag…

November 30

GDP hits 3.3% while Senate debates Tax Reform – i24 News

They said it couldn’t be done but right now U.S. economy is trending above 3%. Senate takes a step closer to a vote on Tax Reform.

November 29

Senate Misses Low Hanging Fruit on Tax Reform

David joins Trish Regan to weigh in on the Senate press conference regarding tax reform legislation.

November 24

The Swamp is Alive – Tax Reform & Special Interests

Frank discussion with Fox Business News anchor Trish Reagan on how money guides the legislative process.