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October 25

The Walk Like an Egyptian Senate press conference

David weighs in on the Senate press conference saying until it’s on the President’s desk Tax Reform isn’t real.

October 23

How far will the markets fall without tax reform?

By David Nelson, CFA It’s not theory anymore. U.S. markets are clearly pricing in some level of tax reform. The tenor of the markets changed in early September when tax reform made its way back into the news cycle. Financials ,along with tech and materials have led the way during the latest surge. Friday ended […]

October 22

Will the budget deal lead tax reform?

David sits down with i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in on the budget deal and what it means for the chances of tax reform.

October 11

White House Press Briefing – Weighing In

Weighing in on a number of issues following the White House Press Briefing with Trish Regan on Fox Business.

October 09

Two Things Driving Markets to All-Time Highs

By David Nelson, CFA For most of the last 18 months it’s paid to be tilted toward the reflation trade with overweights’ in financials, tech and industrials. As tax reform made its way back into the news cycle yields started to return to the upper end of the trading range and despite a legislative goose […]

October 02

What if Tax Reform Doesn’t Pass?

By David Nelson, CFA Markets are beginning to price in the potential for tax reform and in particular some level of repatriation of corporate cash held offshore. Therein lies the opportunity and of course the danger. Stocks are discounting system and in today’s machine trading, fast paced algo driven markets, stocks will likely hit targets […]

September 28

More on Tax Reform – i24 News

Finishing up a day of several news appearances David joins i24 News Anchor to discuss the tax reform package.

September 28

Tax Reform – The Litmus Test

David joins CBS News anchor Reena Ninan to discuss the President’s address announcing the GOP Tax Reform Package.

September 14

There’s more to Tax Reform than Cutting Taxes

David sits down with i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to express his views on the broad strokes of tax reform.  

September 02

Tax Reform 2017?

David discusses the administration’s efforts to pass Tax Reform legislation this year.