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October 27

The aging bull makes a comeback – The Movie

David joins BNN to discuss the aging bull market, Valeant, Oil and the Fed

October 27

The Fed missed their window

David says the Fed missed their window to raise rates

March 12

Market Sell-Off – The Willis Report

David sits down with Fox Business host Gerri Willis to discuss the recent sell-off in stocks

July 21

Don’t Shoot the Messenger! – Fed Chair Yellen

By David Nelson, CFA A cloud of controversy seems to have swept up the media regarding Fed Chair Yellen’s Congressional testimony where she signaled out two sectors or asset classes that she believes are showing some signs of froth. “How dare her”; voices from the crowd yelled. The morning after echoed those of a lynch […]

March 20

Good News – Rates Going Higher!

By David Nelson, CFA Let me go right to the heart of it. If you’re invested in equities because you believe the Fed isn’t going to raise rates until 2016, then you should dump stocks right now. The normalization of interest rates has never been a question of IF but WHEN. In less than 24 […]

December 10

CNBC – David on the Floor of NYSE talking about the Fed’s Taper

David Nelson joins CNBC host Scott Wapner and Bob Pisani on the floor of the NYSE to discuss the Fed’s Taper, John Deere (DE) and his market prediction for 2014.

December 09

Before the Bell – Fed’s Next Move – Baby Boomers – Barron’s Picks – GILD

The Fed’s Next Move – After Friday’s strong employment report investors are now faced with a decision. Which do they want more, jobs or QE? Friday’s answer was a resounding “jobs”. How will they feel if the Fed moves as early as next week to remove stimulus and start the taper? The taper will certainly […]

September 25

David & Former Fed Governor Larry Lindsey

David interviews Former Fed Governor Larry Lindsey and gets his views on the President, the economy and the Fed.

September 20

Michael Gayed talks to me about Summers, Yellen and Emerging Markets

Click Here for Full Video and Story I sat down with Pension Partners Chief Investment Officer and discussed Larry Summer’s withdrawl from consideration as the next FED Chair. We also discussed Yellen’s chances and what this means for both U.S. and emerging markets.

September 11

David’s Interview with Dan Alpert – Westwood Capital

Dan Alpert definitely thinks outside the box and forces you to re-think long held positions.