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December 11

2018 Stock Market Predictions

By David Nelson, CFA Sentiment coming into 2017 was mixed, mostly divided around political affiliation. Those in support of change pointed to aggressive growth expectations on the heels of tax reform and deregulation. On the other side, economists like Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman believed expecting anything approaching 3-3.5% GDP was little more than economic arrogance. […]

December 07

U.S. Embassy Moves to Jerusalem – Market Impact

David joins i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to discuss the U.S. decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem. Comments on a very bearish BIS report and more.

November 30

Net Neutrality divides the nation

Few topics have divided the nation more than Net Neutrality. Passions run high on both sides of the issue. David sits down with i24 News Anchor Michelle Makori to discuss.

November 30

GDP hits 3.3% while Senate debates Tax Reform – i24 News

They said it couldn’t be done but right now U.S. economy is trending above 3%. Senate takes a step closer to a vote on Tax Reform.

November 29

Senate Misses Low Hanging Fruit on Tax Reform

David joins Trish Regan to weigh in on the Senate press conference regarding tax reform legislation.

November 21

Interview at TheStreet – Why Energy?

Click here for David’s interview at TheStreet TV with host Scott Gamm. David discusses some of the challenges investors face as we close out 2017.

November 12

Wall Street’s dirty little secret

By David Nelson, CFA Let’s start by stating the obvious. Avoiding taxes is the national pastime. Since the dawn of organized society special interest groups have employed petitioners to lobby for better treatment under the tax code. I’m sure even in the days of Egyptian Pharaohs there was a cottage industry helping some avoid taxes […]

November 10

What’s next for the markets after Trump’s 1st year

The administration needs an lesgislative win if they want lasting reform.

November 08

Closing the Loopholes on Tax Reform

David joins Fox Business news anchor Trish Regan to discuss what it will take to close loopholes in the current GOP Tax initiative. Carried Interest is at the top of the list.

November 03

Washington to Wall Street – Tax Reform & the New Fed Chair

In depth interview with I24 News anchor Michelle Makori. David weighs in on a number of issues from Washington to Wall Street.