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December 04

High Flying Stocks (NFLX) and (TSLA)

David discusses high flying stocks Netflix (NFLX) and Tesla (TSLA) that are falling from lofty levels.

March 25

The Magnificent Seven of Old Tech

By David Nelson, CFA In the last few days we’ve seen a massive rotation from the market’s biggest winners to what investors refer to as Old Tech. For those of you not in the markets long enough to remember the Magnificent Seven, there was a time when (AAPL), (INTC), (MSFT), (IBM), (ORCL), (CSCO), & (EMC) […]

March 24

David Nelson – This is a Gut Check for Growth Investors

David says growth investors need a Gut Check on some of the more expensive stocks they own.

October 01

David takes Tesla’s Stock for a Ride with the Car Coach

David takes Tesla’s stock for a ride with the Car Coach – Lauren Fix.