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September 01

3 Biggest Risks for the Market! – Alpha Select Update

By David Nelson, CFA Alpha Select – August 2014 Update *Alpha Select – August +5.2%  YTD +12.36% **S&P 500 – August +3.8% YTD +9.58% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends August erased all of June’s losses pushing markets into record high territory boosting the S&P through another millennium. It feels good, looks good and […]

August 25

Riding the Rally – Investors Shake Off Geopolitical Concerns

August 11

Trade War

David shares his views on the Geopolitical and Military Events driving market returns with CNBC hosts Amanda Drury and Brian Sullivan. David answers the question “Which is of more concern to investors, Ukraine or Iraq?

June 16

Iraq Crisis – The Tipping Point

By David Nelson, CFA Last week most investors were blind-sided by the frightening events coming out of Iraq, an area of the world most Americans would like to forget. A wave of talking heads including yours truly took to the airwaves, some focused on the politics and others like myself looking to sort out the […]

April 01

Climbing the Wall of Worry – Alpha Select Update for March 2014

By David Nelson, CFA Investors certainly climbed the Wall of Worry this month shrugging off a Russian invasion, China’s Debt Bubble and a Fed Head who stumbled in her debut performance before the press. Despite these concerns markets sit just shy of all-time highs. My post over the weekend, The Worm Has Turned talked about the […]

March 08

Putin is Ex KGB & Chess Master – His Next Move

David tells London host Martine Dennis that Putin is ex KGB and has always wanted to return Russia to Superpower status.