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December 13

Before the Bell – OPEC (The Emperor Has No Clothes)

OPEC (The Emperor Has No Clothes) – For decades the United States has lived in fear of OPEC and the power the cartel holds over world energy markets. The 1973 oil embargo marked the beginning of a long-term rise in oil prices which helped fuel an inflationary period that brought our economy to its knees. […]

November 29

Fox Business – Black Friday Hype – China, Japan & U.S. Conflict

David Nelson talks to host Charles Payne and Scottie Nell Hughes about the hype of Black Friday and serious issues developing in the airways over the East China Seas.

March 10

The Hunger Games

Late last week the US Army announced it was suspending its tuition assistance program for soldiers seeking to advance their education. US Army spokesperson Lt. Col Alexander said, “This suspension is necessary given the significant budget-execution challenges caused by the combined effects of a possible year-long continuing resolution and sequestration.” Our government, which lately seems […]