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February 27

Why are utilities making a comeback?

By David Nelson, CFA In a recent note Goldman (GS) Strategist David Kostin points out that; “Fund managers are currently caught between a long list of risks and a market climbing steadily to new record levels.” It’s early in the year but the cost of being under invested or even worse short, already is producing casualties. U.S. markets had […]

June 11

Did Buffet blow it with his purchase of a utility?

Buffett’s utility customers are leaving. What does this mean for the industry?

October 22

The New New Line in the Sand – Follow-Up

By David Nelson, CFA From the start of the decline to the present talking heads including yours truly have been drawing an endless series of chart trend lines searching for one that supports an extension of the bull thesis. I started off a couple of weeks ago with the 120 moving average which lasted only […]

June 04

Is Coal Dead? – The Street.com Interview

David talks with the Street’s Debra Borchardt about the coal industry in the light of the EPA’s latest proposals.  

May 23

The Search for I-95 North

By David Nelson, CFA Markets have done their best to frustrate both Bulls and Bears in 2014. We’re halfway through the second quarter and investors are still trying to find the on-ramp to I-95 North. Detours, road blocks and a series of confusing road signs have forced many to jump from one sector to the […]