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January 07

The WALL is Here

By David Nelson, CFA President Trump said the “Wall is Coming” but for investors it’s already here. The Wall of Worry always looms large and this time around there’s no shortage of data and or rhetoric to stoke those fears. Ending the first few days of 2019 in the green was two steps this side […]

February 19

I’m getting worried because I’m running out of things to worry about

By David Nelson, CFA “Markets climb a wall of worry.” It’s a phrase used to describe market rallies in the face of rising investor concern. Wall Street and the media have hundreds of these phrases to put into a few words complex interrelationships that ask the near impossible of investors. Make a binary decision based […]

May 01

Climbing the Wall – April 2014 Alpha Select Update

Alpha Select – April 2014 Update *Alpha Select – MTD (-0.11%) YTD +2.80% **S&P 500 – MTD +0.62% YTD +2.53% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends By David Nelson After starting off the month with a push to all-time highs markets quickly headed south and by mid-month were down close to 4%. Even confirmed […]

April 01

Climbing the Wall of Worry – Alpha Select Update for March 2014

By David Nelson, CFA Investors certainly climbed the Wall of Worry this month shrugging off a Russian invasion, China’s Debt Bubble and a Fed Head who stumbled in her debut performance before the press. Despite these concerns markets sit just shy of all-time highs. My post over the weekend, The Worm Has Turned talked about the […]