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April 02

The United States of Amazon

It’s not often the President and Bernie Sanders are on the same page but both have suggested Amazon is too big. David weighs on the possibility of antitrust action.

February 20

I’m paid to worry – Walmart and rates weigh on the market

David joins Fox Business anchor Trish Regan to discuss the market’s reaction to Walmart earnings and rates moving higher

September 02

Brands Struggle with Retailers

According to Buffet the battle between brands and retailers has been going on for decades. David agrees.  

August 24

Can Walmart take on Amazon by partnering with Google?

David weighs in on what may be the deal of the year?    

July 24

Amazon – The New Walmart

By David Nelson, CFA July 5th, 1994. Not exactly a date many would remember. Earlier that year Bill Clinton delivered his first state of the union address. Kurt Cobain, legendary singer of Nirvana commits suicide and O.J. Simpson is accused of a double murder. No, on July 5th deep in the confines of Seattle Washington […]

June 29

This is War! – Walmart takes on Amazon

Once a critic of Walmart David now defends the company’s efforts in challenging online giant Amazon.