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May 03

5 Years, 5 Months or just 5 Days

By David Nelson, CFA CMT With 2021 setting up to be another record year for equity investors it’s not surprising to see headlines like this weekend’s Wall Street Journal article Americans Can’t Get Enough of Stocks. Year to date every sector is in the green with Energy on top and Consumer Staples bringing up the […]

July 28

3 steps to save capitalism – Chapter 1

By David Nelson, CFA Make no mistake capitalism, and the current world order are under attack and like most bad arguments not all of the opposition talking points are wrong. A wealth gap at its widest point in history and a system that encourages corporate boards to reward chief executives at levels reaching 300x the pay […]

February 23

The Oracle of Omaha Stumbles

David joins i24News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in on a wide range of issues including mounting concern the coronavirus isn’t yet contained.

October 08

On Air Highlights for the Week – EFX, WFC, Buffett

Short clips from the week touching on stocks the economy and Buffett  

August 04

Fed Looking at Buffett’s Investments in Wells Fargo

He’s done it before with American Express and now Buffett wants to increase his holdings in Wells Fargo. Will the Fed let him?

June 11

Did Buffet blow it with his purchase of a utility?

Buffett’s utility customers are leaving. What does this mean for the industry?

April 30

Buffett calls out Carl Icahn

It had nothing to do with markets. Warren calling out Carl was all about politics

May 04

Buffett – Talks the Talk, Can He Walk the Walk

By David Nelson, CFA Every year around this time Warren Buffet takes the stage at what has become the Wall Street equivalent to a Grateful Dead Concert. Fans and true believers flood into Omaha to see the Oracle himself. Only this year, there was a dark cloud hovering over the event. In a shot heard […]

February 06

The Siren Song of Emerging Markets (EEM)

By David Nelson, CFA The emerging markets have always been the beta trade. U.S. markets go up and Emerging Markets rise even more. The inverse was also true but we knew that going in. These were developing markets that would sometimes falter. Inflation, policy mistakes, revolutions, dictators you name it were all risks investors were […]