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July 24

Amazon – The New Walmart

By David Nelson, CFA July 5th, 1994. Not exactly a date many would remember. Earlier that year Bill Clinton delivered his first state of the union address. Kurt Cobain, legendary singer of Nirvana commits suicide and O.J. Simpson is accused of a double murder. No, on July 5th deep in the confines of Seattle Washington […]

May 15

Walmart Quarter – It wasn’t just the weather

David tells BNN host Mark Bunting that Walmart’s weak quarter was due to more than just the weather.

March 17

Active vs. Passive Investing & Jeapardy

David argues for active management vs. index investing with Jeapardy winner Aruthur Chu on CNBC’s Street Signs

March 13

Avoid the S&P Big 20!

David talks to CNBC hosts Brian & Mandy about today’s selloff. Then David & Brian duke it out over indexing vs. active management.

November 29

Black Friday – WMT, TGT, GME + China, Japan & US Play Chicken!

Media Alert – I will be joining host Charles Payne on Fox Business this morning, Varney & Company. Hit time is 9:30 AM EST. (Below is a link to Wednesday’s CNBC appearance at the NYSE) Upgrades/Downgrades – There will be little action from the research departments of the major houses today. Retail – Does Black […]